Invisible Flowers

Noé Sendas

Curated by Ana Anacleto

Galeria Presença
Porto, Portugal

The exhibition “Invisible Flowers” brings together a new series of works conceived by Noé Sendas based on a practice or methodology common to previous series and which, to a certain extent, permeates his entire production: the assemblage.  
In an ongoing investigation into memory and its developments and working from the collections of images found or acquired in second-hand markets, the artist proceeds to a thorough process of combinatorics, juxtaposing, approximating, and seeking productive encounters from the formal and evocative characteristics of the images, testing a set of new narrative possibilities from these encounters. Approaching a Godardian conception of the idea of editing, Noé Sendas explores the possibility of creating new images (until then non-existent), inaugurating a new territory in the vast field of visuality and underlining the importance of deviation as a mechanism to aggregate new possibilities of meaning.

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