Isabel Brison | Mónica de Miranda

Curated by António Brito Guterres, Alexandre Farto and Carla Cardoso

Lisbon, Portugal


Aiming to make other social aspects of the city visible, Interferences places in dialogue works by contemporary artists who use the streets as a context for expression and experimentation with works from institutional and private collections, emphasising alternative narratives that attempt to question the public about the city, asking what urban space and artistic and cultural institutions can be constructed by including new voices in the process. Participating artists include ±MaisMenos±, Alfredo Cunha, Ana Hatherly, Carlos Bunga, Ernesto de Sousa, Isabel Brison, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Mantraste e moradores do PER11, Mónica de Miranda, Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa, Petra Preta, Rico Zua, Rodrigo Oliveira, Tony Cassanelli (Aurora Negra), Tristany , Tropas di Terrenu, xullaji, among others.


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