The project that Tiago Casanova is presenting, seeks to address some of the human relations in today's Mediterranean Sea, as seen in a possible distant future. A sea haunted by myths, Gods, legends, wars and sunken dreams, but which sells its idyllic image to the tourism business. A divided sea, between its legacy and future, between religions, modern and ancient myths and economical and social status. A sea divided between tourism and drowned migrants and asylum seekers. A sea that is Nostrum and Vostrum, but also the ground of huge humanitarian crisis. 

His approach in this project inherits his interest in the subjective and allegorical readings of the photographic image, in-between reality and fiction. In the time of the Fake News and Post-Truth, where facts don’t seem to matter any more, but only our affections and feelings. We live in a time where everything seems to have been already represented, and the photographic image has never been so abundant. Casanova tried to put himself in a distant future, imagining our relation to today’s realities and myths.

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