Vanishing acts

Noé Sendas

Publisher: Skira
English, 2020, 24 x 28 cm

PVP 42,40€


Edited by João Silverio with an interview by Jean Wainwright and a text by Stephan Klee, this book is a comprehensive edition of the artist’s work of the last ten years, with a special focus on assemblage works, namely the Crystal Girls series.

"The Crystal Girls and PEEPS series resort to facsimileing original photographs from the past century to generate black and white prints on rugged paper. Mounted in delicate frames and installed in balanced groups, the assemblages often introduce a certain environment or atmosphere. Isolated, or even more so as a “field”, they function as recovered partitions of glamour, they operate as anchoring points within an imaginary filled with studied gestures, exclusive forms, cultural crosslink’s and profound disquiet.” To Make Ends Meet by Stephan Klee (excerpt)

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