Geography of Affections

Mónica de Miranda

Texts by Mónica de Miranda, Gabriela Salgado, Carlos Garrido, Ana Nolasco, Ana Balona de Oliveira and Emília Tavares.
21 x 15,5 x 41 cm
Limited edition of 300 copies. Numbered.

PVP: 100,00€

Artist book comprised by six volumes including critical texts and images from the artist's body of work from 2012 to 2016. An Ocean Between Us, Oce Upon a Time, Erosion, Archipelago, Hotel Globo are the featured series. 

"Besides the topos of the house, Mónica de Miranda also turns to the island as a place of conciliation between different cultures, times and places, a metaphor that questions the existing dichotomy between what is cultural and what is natural, within and without, public and private. Two particularly important concepts when considering the island metaphor are Fragmentation and Coordinates, as colonized island were frequently defined and divided by dominating powers that imposed artificial limits and boundaries. [...] From heterogeneous fragments, Mónica de Miranda rebuilds territories and recreates non situated lanscaped, imaginary islands. These, being privileged points of cultural exchange due to their indefinability, have always been preferred places for projection of myths, utopias, dystopias, arcades and Eden."

"Artificial Paradises" Ana Nolasco

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