A mão e a sombra

Ricardo Angélico

Editor: ArteDardo e Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea
16,5 x 22 cm
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English
144 pages

PVP 21,20€


Part of DardoTU collection, the book "Ricardo Angélico. A Mão e a Sombra" examines, from a text by Fernando Castro Flórez, the artist's creative imaginary complex. Ricardo Angélico's work is based on a vivid imagination, where everything seems to belong to a world of dreams, raising however an unmistakable suspicion of reality. His drawings and paintings, created in this parallel universe where the insights of psychoanalysis take place and the chils is combined with the bizarre, intend to want to tell a story full of signs and metaphors. The strangeness of the image in the cover alerts us to the difference, foreshadowing the peculiarity of the images that appear inside. After the theoretical analysis documented with photographs, the reproduction of the works imposes itself from the remaning elements taking stock of the last decade of Ricardo Angélico's career. The choice of the serif font and the graphic resolution of the design, sets a visual rhytm of sucess according to the dynamic line and the intense colors that the artist's work puts together in his work.

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