Isidro Blasco was born in Madrid in 1962, lives in New York since 1996.

Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. Candidate for a Ph.D. at the "Architectural School of Madrid". Sculptor in residence at the Spanish Academy in Rome in 1991. Recipient of the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant in 1998 and 2010 and of the Guggenheim Foundation fellowship in Visual Arts in 2000. His work has been shown at P.S.1/MoMA, New York, at the Whitney Museum, Champion Branch. Had a solo show at the Reina Sofia in Madrid in 2004, and has had solo shows in Shanghai, Sydney, Chile, San Paulo, etc.

His works are held in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Tweed Museum of Art, the Chicago Institute of Contemporary Art;,etc.

NYC Subway 6, 2015
C-print, acid free museum board, wood, 68 x 60 x 35 cm
Lisbon Double St Corner, 2015
C-print, acid free museum board, wood,27 x 25 x 6 cm
Lisbon St Corner, 2015
C-print, acid free museum board, wood, 27 x 24 x 8 cm

The artist makes an assemblage of works which combines architecture, sculpture, photography and installation. He started his career by questioning the anthropomorphic relationship between his own body and the idea of the house. This confrontation has resulted in a set of questions that are the basis of his work. Blasco shows how the apprehension of reality can’t be perceived in objective terms, it differs according to the sensitivity of the observer. The perception is intrinsically related to individual experience and it only exists following this term. Blasco points out that reality can not be explained using a rational model that is built from a neutral and detached point of view. This understanding depends always on the observer and the context. According to this, this artist draws three-dimensional objects to offer new perspectives to the photographed object.

In his process of work, Isidro Blasco develops a three-dimensional constructions reinventing indoor and urban environments that begin in capturing images of, for example, an angle of a private room to create from there a new space, reshaping the perspective and distorting the presence of a single line of vision. This work results in the deployment of structures by breaking the surface, the use of geometric asymmetry and multiple orders.


Lisbon St 2, 2015
C-print museum board, wood, 22 x 34 x 8 cm

The work of Isidro Blasco act in the opposite direction to the normal visual expectations of the observer forcing him to understand the picture of reality pulverized into small images. By performing asymmetry and instability of the vision, the artist obstructs the tradicional viewing modes, guiding the viewer's attention to a kind of para-visuality that allows other readings.

Bushwick, 2015
C-print, acid free museum board, wood, 50 x 36 x 10 cm
Curitiba Planet, 2014
C-print, acid free museum board, wood, 50 x 50 x 10 cm
Curitiba Planet, 2014
C-print, acid free museum board, wood, 50 x 50 x 10 cm
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