André Príncipe lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. Has studied Psicology at the Oporto University and also Advanced Film Directing at the London Film School/ Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Lisbon, 2001. He is a photographer, editor, Film Director and also founder and co-editor of Pierre von Kleist worldwide distributed publishing house, specialised in photo books. André Príncipe captures a world that is universally human and highly personal, using  a diaristic approach in photography and exploring its capacity to think about life.

“Smell of tiger precedes tiger”, 2014 
Inkjet print , 110 x 132 cm
Untitled, “Hard rain is going to fall”, 2020
Inkjet print, 92 x 62 cm
Untitled 1, 2018
Inkjet print, 70 x 45 cm

André Príncipe is an artist working in Lisbon, Portugal. His work could be conceived of by thinking through the tenets of the documentary tradition and also the personal diary. His images feel fast and often of a nighttime passing. I would suggest that there is a brilliance to his work that advocates a condition of ephemerality. It is to satisfy Príncipe’s experience through documentation, but it also feels universal as if he wants to suggest that our lives are lived in a frenetic and fast-paced world-it is not tectonic, but more like a carousel with images popping and flashing before our eyes licensing our desires and matter of fact daily routines. In suggesting this, I am suggesting that Príncipe is a master of the understood and that perhaps what may at first read seem vainglorious, is to be understood and resolved by his humanity.

Jack Bartok

On the way to Ala-Kull, Kyrgystan, July 2017
Inkjet print, 110 x 140 cm
Untitled, 2014
Inkjet print, 95 x 120 cm
Untitled “Hard rain is going to fall”, 2020
Inkjet print, 92 x 62 cm
“Hard rain is going to fall”, 2019
Inkjet print, 118 x 146,5 cm 
“Hard rain is going to fall”, 2019 
Inkjet print, 90,5 x 111,5 cm
“Hard rain is going to fall”, 2020 
Inkjet print, 111,5 x 142 cm 
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